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My name is T.J. Mahaffey and I build websites, web applications and mobile apps for a living. I believe in two things: software and people. Without people who understand and are helped by good software, neither an elegant class method nor an efficient database schema are of any consequence. While perusing this site, you'll find both my resume and a blog - a blog in which I write about development problems that either interest me or that I document to help other developers learn from my mistakes and successes.

In a previous era, I was a cartoonist and spot illustrator. Some of my old cartoons can be found here.

Alias Columns on Related Models in Laravel

Our dev shop has most recently begun building a custom commerce-capable CMS in Laravel. This project has been a blast to work on and has been the first in some time to motivate me to work constantly and push its feature set forward so quickly.

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Photo credit: Forest Swank shop teacher at Loudonville High School (Loudonville, Ohio), circa 1956 - 1962. Used with permission.

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