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2016 to Present
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Euronet Worldwide

I am now part of a team within Euronet tasked with developing the company's next generation products. I work on both back-end Java code as well as front-end user interfaces using a mix of standard Javascript and the Angular JS framework.

2011 to 2016
Technical Director, Lead Developer
Mass Enthusiasm


I lead development and support efforts for a small digital-centric advertising and marketing agency based in Little Rock, Arkansas. In addition, I acted as project manager on development and programming projects as well as primary administrator over our Linux and Windows server infrastructure.


My team - which includes two other very capable developers - produced a high volume of content managed websites, web applications, web services and mobile applications for both iOS and Android.


As an individual developer, my day to day work was primarily focussed on building web applications using Laravel or building web services to allow mobile apps to exchange data with those web applications.

In my off-time, I designed and developed a project management application for internal use at our agency. This project was very successful and has now been refactored and released publicly as a SaaS (software as a service) application called ProManage. Originally based in CodeIgniter, ProManage is now being redesigned and rewritten in Laravel.

2010 to 2011
Web Developer
GWL Advertising


During my time at GWL, I served as web developer at the agency which had until then provided very limited web development to its client roster. While expanding my skill set to keep pace with the fast-changing nature of my field, I also designed and developed a web application and companion mobile applications to serve the marketing and customer service needs of the agency's automotive industry clients. In addition to my primary duties as a developer, I filled a network administrator role on an as-needed basis. 

1999 to 2009
Dillard's, Inc.

At local Fortune 500 company, Dillard's, Inc., I was hired originally as a desktop/LAN support technician. After several years in this role, I taught myself AppleScript which helped the departments I supported to automate some portions of their workflows. This led me into more mainstream forms of programming such as PHP, Java, C# and ASP.NET.

As my interest in and application of development grew inside the company, I was promoted to a full time development position within the LAN support group where I was able to more regularly apply my newfound skills. Approximatey a year later, I was promoted again into the company's programmer training program which is typically made up of new employees who are recruited from surrounding universities in computer science disciplines. In my final year and a half at Dillard's, Inc., I graduated the training program and served as a full time Java developer working on intranet applications.



Web and Mobile Development
User Experience (UX) Design
Source Control
Project Management
Work Ethic

Languages & Technologies

HTML, CSS, Javascript
Angular JS
Git, Subversion

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